Increase your immune power against Corona Virus

Kabasura Kudineer is Ayurvedhic Siddha medicine used for Cold, fever, pneumonia fever, cough . Major symptoms of corona virus also match with Cold, fever, pneumonia fever, cough. Kabasura Kudineer will prove the immune power in your body against Cold, fever, pneumonia fever, cough.

If you good immune power in your body, you can recover soon from Covid 19 (Corona Virus). We can take Kabasura Kudineer as preventive medicine as prescribed by Sidha Doctors.

Note : Kabasura Kudineer is not a Medicine to cure Corona but will give immune power to your body to fight against Covid-19 Corona Virus.

Watch below video for Where you can buy, how to make Kabasura Kudineer, who can drink, who should not drink, when to drink.

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  2. Increase your immune power against Corona Virus

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