Java 8 New Features Overview

Java 8 released in March 18, 2014. Java 8 introduce functional programming capability to java with existing power of object oriented programming. It includes various programming api, libraries , JVM, Tools enhancement and new features.

Java 8 New Features

Find the list of new features added to Java 8 below. We will see each topic in detail in upcoming chapters.

  1. Lambda Expression
  2. Functional Interface
  3. Method reference
  4. Default Methods
  5. Streams API
  6. Optional Class
  7. Base64 Encode Decode
  8. Date Time Api
  9. Nashorn JavaScript Engine
  10. StringJoiner

Java 8 Enhancements

Java 8 additionally improved the performance of existing apis, find the list below. We will see each topic in upcoming chapters.

  1. Collection framework Enhancement
  2. Arry Enhancement
  3. IO Enhancement
  4. Concurrency Enhancement
  5. Java Security Enhancement
  6. Java Tools Enhancement
  7. Java Docs Enhancement
  8. Java Networking Enhancement
  9. Java Virtual Machine Enhancement
  10. Pack200 Enhancement
  11. Java XML Processing Enhancement
  12. Internationalization Enhancement

After Java 8 major version release few more minor version released part of Java 8. We will see everything in detail in upcoming chapters.

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