Java MidiChannel programChange() method with example

javax.sound.midi.MidiChannel.programChange() method Changes a program (patch). This selects a specific instrument from the currently selected bank of instruments.

The MIDI specification does not dictate whether notes that are already sounding should switch to the new instrument (timbre) or continue with their original timbre until terminated by a note-off.

The program number is zero-based (expressed from 0 to 127). Note that MIDI hardware displays and literature about MIDI typically use the range 1 to 128 instead. It is possible that the underlying synthesizer does not support a specific program. In order to verify that a call to programChange was successful, use getProgram.

MidiChannel programChange() method Signature

void programChange(int program)


program – the program number to switch to (0 to 127)

See Also:

programChange(int, int),

javax.sound.midi.MidiChannel.programChange() method Implementation

void programChange(int program){

MidiChannel programChange() method Example

package com.ehowtonow.javax.sound.midi.midichannel;

public class ProgramChangeMethodExample {

	public static void main(String[] args) {




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