Java MidiChannel setMono() method with example

javax.sound.midi.MidiChannel.setMono() method Turns mono mode on or off. In mono mode, the channel synthesizes only one note at a time. In poly mode (identical to mono mode off), the channel can synthesize multiple notes simultaneously. The default is mono off (poly mode on).

“Mono” is short for the word “monophonic,” which in this context is opposed to the word “polyphonic” and refers to a single synthesizer voice per MIDI channel. It has nothing to do with how many audio channels there might be (as in “monophonic” versus “stereophonic” recordings). It is possible that the underlying synthesizer does not support mono mode. In order to verify that a call to setMono was successful, use getMono.

MidiChannel setMono() method Signature

void setMono(boolean on)


true to turn mono mode on,
false to turn it off (which means turning poly mode on).

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javax.sound.midi.MidiChannel.setMono() method Implementation

void setMono(boolean on){

MidiChannel setMono() method Example

package com.ehowtonow.javax.sound.midi.midichannel;

public class SetMonoMethodExample {

	public static void main(String[] args) {




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