Java MidiChannel setMute() method with example

javax.sound.midi.MidiChannel.setMute() method Sets the mute state for this channel. A value of
true means the channel is to be muted,
false means the channel can sound (if other channels are not soloed).

Unlike allSoundOff(), this method applies to only a specific channel, not to all channels. Further, it silences not only currently sounding notes, but also subsequently received notes. It is possible that the underlying synthesizer does not support muting channels. In order to verify that a call to setMute was successful, use getMute.

MidiChannel setMute() method Signature

void setMute(boolean mute)


mute – the new mute state

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javax.sound.midi.MidiChannel.setMute() method Implementation

void setMute(boolean mute){

MidiChannel setMute() method Example

package com.ehowtonow.javax.sound.midi.midichannel;

public class SetMuteMethodExample {

	public static void main(String[] args) {




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