Java SaslClient evaluateChallenge() method with example method Evaluates the challenge data and generates a response. If a challenge is received from the server during the authentication process, this method is called to prepare an appropriate next response to submit to the server.

SaslClient evaluateChallenge() method Signature

byte[] evaluateChallenge(byte[] challenge) throws SaslException


challenge – The non-null challenge sent from the server. The challenge array may have zero length.


The possibly null response to send to the server. It is null if the challenge accompanied a “SUCCESS” status and the challenge only contains data for the client to update its state and no response needs to be sent to the server. The response is a zero-length byte array if the client is to send a response with no data.


SaslException – If an error occurred while processing the challenge or generating a response. method Implementation

byte[] evaluateChallenge(byte[] challenge) throws SaslException{

SaslClient evaluateChallenge() method Example


public class EvaluateChallengeMethodExample {

	public static void main(String[] args) {




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