Java SaslServer evaluateResponse() method with example method Evaluates the response data and generates a challenge. If a response is received from the client during the authentication process, this method is called to prepare an appropriate next challenge to submit to the client. The challenge is null if the authentication has succeeded and no more challenge data is to be sent to the client. It is non-null if the authentication must be continued by sending a challenge to the client, or if the authentication has succeeded but challenge data needs to be processed by the client.
isComplete() should be called after each call to
evaluateResponse(),to determine if any further response is needed from the client.

SaslServer evaluateResponse() method Signature

byte[] evaluateResponse(byte[] response) throws SaslException


response – The non-null (but possibly empty) response sent by the client.


The possibly null challenge to send to the client. It is null if the authentication has succeeded and there is no more challenge data to be sent to the client.


SaslException – If an error occurred while processing the response or generating a challenge. method Implementation

byte[] evaluateResponse(byte[] response) throws SaslException{

SaslServer evaluateResponse() method Example


public class EvaluateResponseMethodExample {

	public static void main(String[] args) {




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