Java – Spliterator.OfPrimitive Interface

Java Spliterator.OfPrimitive Interface methods, variables available in Java 8 release are listed below. We will publish example program on each methods ASAP.

Methods in Java Spliterator.OfPrimitive Interface

S.No Method & Description
1 default void forEachRemaining(T_CONS action)

Performs the given action for each remaining element, sequentially in the current thread, until all elements have been processed or the action throws an exception.
2 boolean tryAdvance(T_CONS action)

If a remaining element exists, performs the given action on it, returning true; else returns false.
3 T_SPLITR trySplit()

If this spliterator can be partitioned, returns a Spliterator covering elements, that will, upon return from this method, not be covered by this Spliterator.

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