Java – StringTokenizer Class

Java StringTokenizer Class methods, constructors, variables available in Java 8 release are listed below. We will publish example program on each methods ASAP.

Constructors in Java StringTokenizer Class

S.No Constructor & Description
1 StringTokenizer(String str)

Constructs a string tokenizer for the specified string.
2 StringTokenizer(String str, String delim)

Constructs a string tokenizer for the specified string.
3 StringTokenizer(String str, String delim, boolean returnDelims)

Constructs a string tokenizer for the specified string.

Methods in Java StringTokenizer Class

S.No Method & Description
1 int countTokens()

Calculates the number of times that this tokenizer’s nextToken method can be called before it generates an exception.
2 boolean hasMoreElements()

Returns the same value as the hasMoreTokens method.
3 boolean hasMoreTokens()

Tests if there are more tokens available from this tokenizer’s string.
4 Object nextElement()

Returns the same value as the nextToken method, except that its declared return value is Object rather than String.
5 String nextToken()

Returns the next token from this string tokenizer.
6 String nextToken(String delim)

Returns the next token in this string tokenizer’s string.

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