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Interfaces in Package

S.No Interface & Description
1 BaseStream<T,S extends BaseStream<T,S>>

Base interface for streams, which are sequences of elements supporting sequential and parallel aggregate operations.
2 Collector<T,A,R>

A mutable reduction operation that accumulates input elements into a mutable result container, optionally transforming the accumulated result into a final representation after all input elements have been processed.
3 DoubleStream

A sequence of primitive double-valued elements supporting sequential and parallel aggregate operations.
4 DoubleStream.Builder

A mutable builder for a DoubleStream.
5 IntStream

A sequence of primitive int-valued elements supporting sequential and parallel aggregate operations.
6 IntStream.Builder

A mutable builder for an IntStream.
7 LongStream

A sequence of primitive long-valued elements supporting sequential and parallel aggregate operations.
8 LongStream.Builder

A mutable builder for a LongStream.
9 Stream<T>

A sequence of elements supporting sequential and parallel aggregate operations.
10 Stream.Builder<T>

A mutable builder for a Stream.

Classes in Package

S.No Class & Description
1 Collectors

Implementations of Collector that implement various useful reduction operations, such as accumulating elements into collections, summarizing elements according to various criteria, etc.
2 StreamSupport

Low-level utility methods for creating and manipulating streams.

Enums in Package

S.No Enum & Description
1 Collector.Characteristics

Characteristics indicating properties of a Collector, which can be used to optimize reduction implementations.

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