Java X509Certificate getInstance() method with example method Instantiates an X509Certificate object, and initializes it with the specified byte array. The implementation (X509Certificate is an abstract class) is provided by the class specified as the value of the
cert.provider.x509v1 security property.

Note: All X509Certificate subclasses must provide a constructor of the form:

 public <subClass>(InputStream inStream) ...

X509Certificate getInstance() method Signature

public static final X509Certificate getInstance(byte[] certData) throws CertificateException


certData – a byte array containing the DER-encoded certificate.


an X509Certificate object initialized with the data from


CertificateException – if a class initialization or certificate parsing error occurs. method Implementation

public static final X509Certificate getInstance(byte[] certData) throws CertificateException{

X509Certificate getInstance() method Example


public class GetInstanceMethodExample {

	public static void main(String[] args) {




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