Builder collected around 1.2 lakhs but don’t provided bill


I have recently purchased a Appartment .I have few issue. 1.Builder collected around 1.2 lakhs for Service Tax ,But he is not giving the Bill for same ,even after asking for several times 2.He has not done the name transfer of the electricity bill and refused to do that where as he has collected Rs :30000 for EB. 2.There is no provision for circulation of Vehicles access to and from the parking. 3.Certain things he has committed in Broucher for the common areas but he has not provided the same.He is arguing that it is common area ,he can do by his own plan. 4.The buiding handed over in Jan-2019 .From the day ,there is water leakage from the above floor to our appartment.He is not clearing the same. Please advise me can i take up this legally