Stock screener and Scanners

Intraday Stock screener

Scanners & Tools – coming soon

  • Bulk Deals Screener
  • Top Gainer Stcoks
  • Top Looser Stocks
  • Trading Below Previous Week Low
  • Trading Above Previous Week High
  • Trading Below Monthly/3month/6month/52 week Low
  • Trading Above Monthly/3month/6month/52 week High
  • Trading Near 52 Week Low
  • Trading Near 52 Week High
  • Trading Above/Below 5SMA, 10SMA, 20SMA, 50SMA, 100SMA, 200SMA
  • Trading Above/Below 5EMA, 10EMA, 20EMA, 50EMA, 100EMA, 200EMA
  • Stocks Active Volumes
  • Options screener
  • Fibonacci Retracement & Extension Calculator
  • Gann Square Calculator
  • Pivot points calculators
  • Volatility Calculator
  • Black-Scholes option calculator
  • Option Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega
  • VWAP Scanner
  • NR – Narrow Range Screener
  • RSI Screener
  • If you need new screeners please post comment or reach us in social media

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